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      We rely on Creative Seed for the design of all our marketing material. They have been consistently reliable & always meet our deadlines. Unlike many graphic designers, Lee Rael has a good understanding of marketing, not just design, which comes through in his work & we thoroughly enjoy working with his team.

      - Wendy Booysen, Marketing Manager, iSync Solutions

      SEED is not just an agency that delivers innovative graphic and web design, it shares our passion for harnessing the internet and social media to make a difference in the world. They work as an integrated part of our team, thinking creatively and flexibly about how to help deliver our mission. They are also great fun to work with.

      - Zahid Torres-Rahman, Founder and Director, Business Fights Poverty

      In order for our conservation organisation to stay ahead of the pack, we needed to partner with a creative outfit that not only does first-rate responsive design and development work, but are also able to grasp the complex needs of our different target markets, and translating them into effectual online consumer journeys. Thank you seed for your hard work, our new site is everything we hoped it would be.

      - Johan Maree, Director, Wildlife ACT

      Its always been a pleasure working with Seed. From conceptualising down to delivery, Seed is able to hear our thoughts, implement our plans as well as offer fresh, creative ideas.

      - Karin Thomason, Director, Super Nannies

      Lee and Seed have done a great job for us in developing our website. He’s been great throughout the whole process and has delivered what we’ve asked for. We’d work with Lee any time!

      - Gavin Brauer, Operations Leader at KindHuman



        • Nishta Daya

          Nishta Daya

          Design Gonzalez
          A storm in a teacup, lover of good beats.

        • Stephanie Jessen

          Stephanie Jessen

          Word Enthusiast
          Likes sci-fi, the unexplained and good vibrations.

        • Hannes Brink

          Hannes Brink

          Master of Code
          Ambitious, gamer and lover of technology.

        • Ryan Gordon

          Ryan Gordon

          Information Shepard
          Diligent Code-Jockey, Old School Ignostic.

        • Lee Rael

          Lee Rael

          Multitasker of note
          Husband, father, surfer.

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