Brand Revival – The Seed Way

A2d24 is a tech start-up that uses the innovative technology to streamline and improve the outdated, inefficient processes of their clients. Like redesigning the ambulance dispatching process to enable faster response times, for example.

As it turned out, A2d24 wanted a little rejuvenation of their own which is why they approached us to revive their forward-thinking brand with a fresh brochure that better speaks their language. We proposed a basic brand overhaul to breathe new life into A2d24 which, to our delight, they went for.

The brief was a designer’s dream in terms of there being no restrictions except for the logo which needed to be type-based. Other than that, we were free to get creative and have some fun. Before we designed the brochure, we started to redesign the logo – exploring various colours and fonts which we sent to the client for feedback.

Once a visual direction had been chosen, we applied this style to the brochure. The same rejuvenated look and feel will be applied to the new A2d24 website which we are currently in the process of redesigning. The result of our efforts is a stronger, more attractive identity for this innovative organisation. One which we hope will help them attract more clients.