Check Out Our Baddest Project Yet


It’s always exciting when we get the chance to put our creative abilities to the test. So you can imagine our enthusiasm when Evil Baddies, an Israeli gaming company, asked us to create comic-book-inspired headshots of their employees.

The objective was to depict the Evil Baddies members as villains for the team page of its new website. Needless to say we had some diabolical tricks up our sleeves. Instead of going the digital route, we took a more traditional approach which allowed us to exercise our illustrative superpowers and create something we felt was truly unique. We used references from comic books which was a welcomed change for us as we usually focus more on digital references.


We also created an eye-catching logo for the brand in the same comic-book style as the headshots. The end result is a stronger brand identity for Evil Baddies and differentiation from its competitors.


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