This Plant-based Burger Will Trick You into Thinking You’re Eating Meat


At last, a meat-free burger has been brought to the table which satisfies even the biggest burger cravings. An American food company known as Impossible Foods has remained true to its name by creating the unthinkable – a meatless burger that tastes like real meat. Although it sounds too good to be true, from what we’ve heard it’s most certainly not.

The burger, which was launched in New York in July last year, isn’t just meant for vegetarians and vegans but rather to create a more environmentally-friendly plant-based product that even omnivores would order and enjoy.

Much like meat, the Impossible Foods burger patty can be prepared well-done or rare to suit customers’ own preferences. When rare, the patty actually “bleeds” just like beef. Only it’s made from plant-based ingredients found in nature such as wheat, coconut oil and potatoes. The secret ingredient however is “heme” – a molecule found in plants and animals that carries oxygen through the blood stream. Heme is what makes blood appear red and what turns meat pink. In this case, it’s what gives the famous Impossible Burger its delicious flavour and aroma that resembles actual meat.

So, why choose a meat-free burger instead of meat? According to The Vegan Society, preventing the exploitation of animals is not the only benefit of cutting meat out of your diet. On their website they go on to explain how plant-based diets are good for one’s body as well as the environment. At present, it’s documented that 30% of the earth’s land mass is being used to raise animals for consumption.

Raising animals for food consumers more than half of all the water used in the USA and it takes a whopping 2,500 gallons of water to produce a just 45 grams of meat. In fact, producing one hamburger uses enough fossil fuel to drive a small car approximately 30 kilometres.

Impossible Foods claims that by choosing their meat-free burger, you help save as much water as you’d use in a ten-minute shower and roughly 7 square meters of land for wildlife.

While it may seem like the Impossible Foods burger is “just another veggie burger,” the idea behind it is a good one: to encourage meat-eaters to opt for a meal that’s less damaging to the planet and themselves without having to make any major sacrifices when it comes to flavour and texture. The real question is why didn’t anyone think of this sooner?!

Although the game-changing plant-based burger is not available in South Africa just yet, we hope that its concept will catch on and spread to countries outside of the USA in the near future.

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