Powering the South African Cellular Market with Solar Energy

MTN, a multinational mobile telecommunications company, recently launched its ground-breaking solar package bundle to the South African market for the very first time. The new bundle package, developed in partnership with a mobile solar technology company called World Panel, enables users to power their devices via the sun’s energy through SunStream technology.

SunStream, created by solar expert and entrepreneur John Anderson, was developed for customers who regard their mobile devices as “lifelines” but lack the means to keep them charged. Fortunately this innovation is changing the game by supplying users, and lower LSMs in particular, with reliable but affordable power.

SunStream chargers are built for durability and can last for up to 25 years. In addition, the device is impact-resistant, waterproof and can perform even while submerged up to two metres deep in water.

Over the last year, clean technological innovations have been penetrating the African market at a rapid speed thereby opening up a wide range of possibilities for marginalised communities living off-grid or in areas where electricity is scarce.

In addition to the new solar bundle, World Panel has announced that it will be entering into a retail agreement with Vodacom in the near future to sell its newly-developed solar-powered charging devices. This technology is the first in the world to combine USB charging standards with international solar panel standards.

Visit www.worldpanel.global to learn more.