Tesla’s New Solar Roof Tiles Pave the Way Forward for Residential Solar Solutions


Solar technology took a sophisticated turn earlier this month when Elon Musk, co-founder of Tesla Motors and SpaceX, unveiled a line of attractive roof tiles containing built-in solar panels to capture the sun’s energy.

The new glass-made tiles are available in a variety of colours and styles. To the casual onlooker, they appear to be no different to the regular roof tiles most consumers are accustomed to which opens up a segment of the market to those who are image-conscious but also want to save money by opting for solar power. Purchasing Tesla’s solar tiles is indeed more affordable, considering they cost less than fitting a traditional roof with separate solar panels.

In addition to the roof tile, Tesla also launched a home battery product, called Powerwall 2, which stores any surplus energy from the solar panels. These new offerings form part of Tesla’s vision to create a complete personal solar power system for the residential home.

While Musk notes that consumers have shown interest in technology energy bundling (provided it’s good looking and easy to use), there is still uncertainty as to whether consumers want to buy all these things at once.

However with the increasingly competitive nature of the solar storage market, consumers who do choose to invest in solar solutions will benefit from cost declines in the foreseeable future as residential solar energy products become more and more economical.

Despite the initial costs of infrastructure to facilitate solar storage, solar power is in fact the most affordable form of energy that exists today.

We hope that South Africa will soon be able to follow Australia’s lead as the most robust market for residential energy storage in the world.

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