What are your values?

I have found myself engaged in brainstorming sessions with our clients on a few occasions lately at the start their branding process. I find it an energising and satisfying process to help someone start to articulate and refine what is core to their brand.
To do that we normally start with identifying their brand values. This can be a difficult task because its essentially a bunch of words that could be identified with by almost any brand.

So how do you know which ones are right for your brand? After a conversation with the client from our last brainstorm session and some thought, I think it starts with beliefs. Beliefs are more core to a persons make up. People die for their beliefs, even kill. Now I’m not advocating violence or extreme action here I am just saying that beliefs are intrinsic to a persons outlook on life and so they would inform ones values. The same goes for a brand.

The values of a brand often stem from the creators of that organisation, especially smaller ones, and thus their belief systems. Unless of course its a multinational brand where the values align more with the stakeholders and target audience. So if I personify Seeds brand and ask what he / she believes, one belief would be that we all have an equal right to a safe and secure future. Out of that belief comes one of our core values which is sustainability.

We recently did an interesting exercise internally where we all asked what sustainability means to us. Its amazing how that can be interpreted in so many different ways. For me sustainability is about considering the impact of any action or decision on the  surrounding environment. When I say environment I don’t mean just birds and trees I mean everything that surrounds us. The people, ecosystems, communities and systems around us. So when making a decision about whether to take a particular client on or not the first thing we do is check in to see if they fit within our beliefs and value systems.

Its not always easy and often a work in progress but we are getting clearer every day.
if our values align with yours, drop us a line we would love to help.