Inventive Light-up Pens Help Children without Electricity to Do Homework


In developing countries such as West African Guinea, children often struggle to do homework at night due to a lack of electricity. This means that youngsters have to put themselves in dangerous situations by leaving their homes to look for lit-up places to study and do schoolwork.

Hyunsu Park, a student from Kookmin University of South Korea, wanted to come up with a practical solution to the problem, and so he invented Lampen – an innovative pen that provides light for children living in darkness.

Lampen makes it possible for students to complete their homework in the safety of their homes after the sun has set by generating its own electricity. To do this, Lampen uses an internal magnet that functions with an electromagnetic induction or rather, a process that generates electrical currents using magnets. By shaking the pen for just a minute, it generates enough power to light up the pen’s LED for two hours.

The LED emits a light from the nib of the pen, which allows a child to see the page beneath them as they work. There is also a switch that can toggle the light on or off.  Lampen comes with a glass base stand that acts as a flashlight when the nib is secured in it. The pen can also transform into a small desk lamp when the top-side of the pen is secured in the stand.

Lampen has been described as “a wonderfully simple solution that could be executed to scale” by the jury at the Core77 Design Awards 2016.