Say Hello to the App that’s Making South Africa Safer

A small group of developers, scientists and designers have joined forces to invent an app that could make South Africa a lot safer for residentsparticularly those who are activists in their communities. Introducing Cell 411 v.2, a faster way to manage your emergencies. This app offers near-real-time alerts, and supports fast GPS updates as well as instant access to issue alerts.

Many South Africans have lost faith in the local authorities due to social issues such as police brutality, illegal searches and government abuse. That’s where Cell 411 v.2 comes in. Now you can get your trusted friends to show up when you need them most, and leave the authorities out of the equation. As the website states: “Cell 411 allows you to take ownership of your own actions, activities and alerts; only trusted friends show up when you need help.”

Alert your friends when you are in a dangerous situation – no matter what it is – and send them your location instantly. Cell 411 even allows you to create a “family” group where members can be notified about car troubles, medical emergencies and other dangerous situations. You can also create custom groups with your neighbours and receive alerts about suspicious activities on your street.

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