Seedpod is a podcast dedicated to the South Africans shaping the country through entrepreneurship, sustainability and design.

We started this project in the hope of exploring uniquely South African perspectives on the issues facing the society we live in. Designer and entrepreneur Lee Rael is doing just that by having authentic conversations with South Africa’s talented creatives, innovative entrepreneurs and environmental pioneers. By unpacking their wisdom, insights and personal stories, Lee hopes to inspire and educate, and maybe even entertain.

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Seedpod is a podcast dedicated to the South Africans shaping the country through entrepreneurship, sustainability and design.

We started this project in the hope of exploring uniquely South African perspectives on the issues facing the society we live in. Designer and entrepreneur Lee Rael is doing just that by having authentic conversations with South Africa’s talented creatives, innovative entrepreneurs and environmental pioneers. By unpacking their wisdom, insights and personal stories, Lee hopes to inspire and educate, and maybe even entertain.

Each of our guests are making an impact in their own way. Listen to their stories by clicking below:

58 – Rayne Stroebel: Consciousness is never lost

Unlike most children, Rayne Stroebel grew up in an Aged Care Home where his mother was the Matron. One of the striking concepts for me that came from this conversation is that when elderly people are no longer able to communicate outwardly their consciousness is never affected.

57 – Emile Fourie: Making waste matter

Emile is the CEO & Co-Founder of Ywaste, a company that specialised in Food Waste Management by transforming wasted food into organic compost.

56 – Tracey Gilmore: Second Chances

Tracey Gilmore is passionate about uplifting women. She wants to give struggling single mothers a fresh start and the chance to create a better life.

55 – Christina Kaba: Change starts with you

Christina Tenjiwe Kaba is proof that anything is possible. Better known to locals as Mama Kaba, she cares for her community and goes out of her way to prevent anyone from going to bed hungry.

54 – Paddy Upton: The art of leadership

Beyond his accolades Paddy Upton has pioneered a way of thinking about leadership and coaching for many years that centres around honesty, vulnerability and collaboration.

53 – Eugene Oppelt: Cultivating healthy masculinity

Geno is passionate about helping people reach their full potential in life. We spoke about masculinity, role models and mentorship.

52 – Aron Halevi: Gift of Hope

Aron Halevi is a musician, songwriter, producer, and social innovator with a self proclaimed obsessive percussive disorder.

51 – Marlon Parker: Leading from Love

With a heart filled with love, Marlon wants to change lives and make hope contagious. I left this conversation inspired, in awe and filled with hope , what a pleasure to spend time with this amazing human being.

50 – Shani Kay: MBA in positivity

Shani Kay calls herself a Communications and Stakeholder Engagement Specialist who works with global clients to design, produce and amplify content and tools that are relevant, compelling and inspiring.

49 – Brad Shorkend & Andy Golding: Work shouldn’t suck

In this weeks episode for the first time I had 2 guests, Brad Shorkend and Andy Golding who have written a book together called “We Are Still Human!... and work shouldn’t suck!”.

48 – Rob Stokes: Saving the world

Rob stokes is the epitome of an entrepreneurial spirit, he just oozes it. He started off by founding Quirk, arguably South Africa’s most successful digital agency eventually selling to WPP in 2014.

47 – Sally-Anne Kasner: Question everything!

Sally-Anne heads up Circular Vision and is constantly trying to find new ways to change our current linear economy model to be more Circular. Her focus and passion lies in designing waste out of our system.

46 – Max Pichulik: Does pain breed success?

Todays guest Max Pichulik lives and breathes social impact, at scale. Since 2006 After leaving the corporate banking sector Max has been involved in driving access to capital for scalable, impact ventures on the African continent.

45 – Grace Stead: Commited to Change

Grace Stead is a stalwart in the sustainability space here in South Africa and is truly dedicated to her work.

44 – John Sanei: Future Foresight

John Sanei is fascinated by the cross-section of human psychology and future studies, he brings these subjects to audiences around the world through inspirational talks and has just written his third book.

43 – Marine Goldenberg: Digital for the Planet

Marine Goldberg is a French import to South Africa who is small in stature but definitely not in spirit. Living for extended periods as a woman alone in both India and Nigeria prove that she has courage and tenacity.

42 – Marcus Coetzee: Minimalist clarity

Marcus as a management consultant with over 20 years’ experience in providing strategic support to organisations that have a social impact.

41 – Bernard Lembeck: Chemical activism

What do you get when you mix a German paint chemist with an environmental activist?

40 – Joshua Cox: How will you contribute?

Joshua Cox is Passionate about justice and social change, and the power of technology to create positive change at scale.

39 – Dave Duarte: Digitising the revolution

Creating change is not easy, learn from a digital master Dave Duarte how to use community to bring about the change you want to see in the world.

38 – Alex Cousins: Have you suffered enough?

Alex is a true pioneer in her field and has the ability to guide people through massive transformations and healings in the most elegant and deeply authentic of ways.

37 – Haldane Martin: Rebellious love for chairs

Haldane is a multi award winning, internationally acclaimed furniture and interiors designer. You may know some of his classics like the Zulu mama Chair and the Shongololo Sofa.

36 – Leonie Joubert: Rewiring your brain

Leonie Joubert is a multi-award-winning South African author, who has contributed to more than 10 books, and uses different ways of storytelling to help people grapple with many of today's tough issues as we try to find ways to live together on a this planet.

35 – Aunnie Patton Power: The rules need to change

This week I have the pleasure if sitting down with Aunnie Patton Power to discuss her view on our current financial models, innovation coming out of South Africa and some of her experiences as a women in the Impact Investment arena.

34 – Brett Schlesinger: Right place right time

Follow the journey of Brett Schlesinger's life from the ranch in Oregon to with Osho to the co-founding of the Drum cafe where he uses his passion for drumming to inspire thousands.

33 – Kate Ball: The Power of Spirit

Kate Ball is a wellbeing entrepreneur who focuses on creating ways in which to help people improve themselves through yoga, meditation and healthy food. From new age breath work to ancient plant medicines, Kate has tried them all and approaches life with a diverse tool set for contentment and wellbeing.

32 -Deon Robbertze: Crisis can change our world.

A South African success story with a Cannes Lions and a few Loeries in his back pocket, Deon Robbertze spent years with agencies like Saatchi Africa and Ogilvy's Zoom Advertising … this all came to a head when he was called an 'alarmist' regarding his views on climate change. That was the sign - time to change tack. He is now a sustainabilty spokesman /entrepreneur /disruptor and loving it.

31 -Zachariah George: More collaboration – less condescension

For entrepreneours to succeed, it's not just about raising capital. It's about a route to market. Zachariah George gets corporates talking to the little guys, where all the talent lies. Tech levels the playing field.

30 – Andries Rautenbach: Circular ways of reconnecting

As South Africans we are more than capable to affect change - within financial, ecological and social world systems. Andries Rautenbach comes from a technical engineering background and his passion is to create hubs around sustainability issues to affect change on a 'real' scale.

29 – Justin Maxwell: A Passion and Party for Change

There is a yearning within all of us to create a society in which everyone has a voice. In this episode of Seedpod, we are joined by Justin Maxwell to unpack solutions to this question. We explore the importance of unifying our communities and question the structures that have become so entrenched in our society. The change starts with us. Are you brave enough to raise your voice?

28 – Verity Price: Crowdfunding Courage

Get out of your comfort zone with singer/songwriter/motivational speaker, Verity Price, on this week's episode of Seedpod.

27 – Nik Rabinowitz: Wandering, Wondering Jew

What does a Jewish kid with a business science degree do with his life? Nik Rabinowitz defied his destiny and instead of a suit, decided that red fake snakeskin pants were more his thing.

26 – Glen Tyler: 12 Years – the global countdown

You won’t fight for what you don’t know. This week’s guest, Glen Tyler, encourages us to get outside, to foster a love for nature, and to take a long, hard look at how you power your life, and start to deeply register how each decision you make - from how you power your home, your transport, to the food you eat - impacts the globe.

25 – Ryan Fortune: Apocalypse Now? Can’t it be later?

For Ryan Fortune, the phrase, “the end of life as we know it” is not a concern for future generations; it’s a reality he reckons we will be facing within our foreseeable future.

23 – Warren and Tom: Walk With Us

Two young pioneering Mzungu’s and best friends, Tom David and Warren Handley, after summiting Kilimanjaro, undertook to walk home to South Africa.

22 – Schalk van der Merwe: Courage wears a velvet dress

Schalk Van De Merwe chose happiness over job security, and leapt from the advertising industry into being a full-time artist. However, he doesn’t discredit the boardroom lessons he learnt along the way, knowing that the way we interact with art in modern times is constantly evolving, and that building a brand is crucial for success.

21 – Paul Hudson: Showing up

It’s hard work being an authentic creative. This week we chat to Paul Hudson about being authentic in leadership, embracing vulnerability (especially as a man), managing anxiety, and trusting the process.

20 – Glen Jordan: Understanding money to work with money

My latest guest is Glen Jordan, Director of IMB – a financial services firm set on empowering people to learn how to work with money.

19 – Frank Solomon: Making waves

Today’s guest is Frank Solomon, a water-man, professional big wave surfer, Emmy award-winning filmmaker and unwitting environmentalist.

18 – Fred Roed: Never trust a skinny chef

Today I am joined by Fred Roed, founder of World Wide creative and now Heavy Chef.

17 – Susan Hill: A Heart of Service

Susan Hill is the Director of Ikhaya le Themba, an NPO situated in Imizamo Yethu, Hout Bay, Cape Town.

16 – Warren Goodman: Live well, travel wide

Today I am joined by Warren Goodman, owner and founder of Wazoogles Superfood. Wazoogles is a 100% plant-based superfood protein blend.

15 – Michael Cowen: Change and disruption

Michael is a podcast host and keynote speaker. He co-hosts the Think WTF podcast with Brett St. Clair. Together they try to make sense of the rapidly changing digital world.

14 – Donna McCallum: Spreading your financial wings

As South Africa’s Fairy Godmother, Donna McCallum educates people on how to relate to, manage, and build wealth around the world.
She helps people break down barriers and build futures filled with hope and abundance.

13 – Nic Heinamann: Let’s talk regeneration

In the week that the SA Government decriminalized Marijuana for use in one's home, we sit down with hemp enthusiast and activist Nic Heinemann to shed some more light on this topic.

12 – Gina Flash: Living your purpose courageously

MENSCH Founder Gina Flash joins us this week to share her remarkable story. Gina is a change maker in the truest sense and works to help others and empower those less fortunate for the betterment of society as a whole.

11 – Alex Hetherington: There’s no Planet B

Leading environmental consultant Alex Hetherington joins us to chat about climate change, the future we face as a nation, as well the crucial role that the younger generation will have to play in helping enact sustainable change.

10 – Mandy Myerson: Bring the change by being it

The brilliant Mandy Myerson, founder of Human Waking joins us on Seedpod to chat all things nutrition, spirituality, philosophy, and so much more. We chat about the state of consumerism in the country and why in order to bring the change, you need to be it.

09 – Marc Rogatschnig: What makes a leader?

Renowned Executive Coach Marc Rogatschnig is in the Seedpod hot seat. Marc tells us what it means to be a good leader, why we need wisdom over information, and why surfing just may be the best form of therapy available.

08 – Tatum Prins: The adventure of a lifetime

In this episode, we are joined by Tatum Prins, a world-renowned endurance and adventure racing athlete. Tatum was one of, if not the top female athletes in her field, competing in some of the toughest events we have ever heard of.

07 – Justin Maxwell: The authenticity of expression

Episode 7 of Seedpod features an illuminating conversation with Justin Maxwell. Justin is a practicing Sangoma, a life coach, a thinker, activist, and one of the most interesting people we've had the pleasure of sitting down with.

06 – Alex Peel: A closer look at consumption

Alex Peel is the owner of the Organic Route store in Hout Bay. Alex is dedicated to promoting the well-being of those on the lower rungs of the food production ladder.

05 – Justin Bonello: Orchestrating an eco-symphony

Justin Bonello is well-known to television audiences around the globe having produced and starred in shows such as the Cooked series and the Ultimate Braai Master.

04 – Janna Kretzmar: Impact, Courage, and Community

Janna Kretzmar is the founder and director of the The Earth Child Project NGO which works with underprivileged kids teaching them yoga, meditation, gardening and life skills.

03 – Caro Copeland: A career of conscious positivity

Tocara Skin & Body Science founder Caro Copeland inspires us with her positive mindset and passion for her products and their benefits. We unpack her history, her struggles, and her vision for entrepreneurship in South Africa.

02 – Seraj Toefy: It’s time to start investing in ideas

Seraj Toefy, MD of Bespoke Media, explains his history and successful migration from print to digital media, as well as offers some insights into the role that entrepreneurship can play in shaping South Africa's future.

01 – Gavin Shaskolsky: How discomfort breeds success

World-renowned Personal leadership development coach Gavin Shaskolsky joins us for the very first episode of Seedpod! In this candid conversation, we uncover what drives him, what frightens him, and what inspires him.