A picture may be worth a thousand words but a video is worth more. Video animations are used to share stories, bring ideas to life or teach someone something new. A powerful animation touches people’s hearts and lives with them long into the future.


We were tasked to create an animated clip to educate Ugandan farmers on the best practices to help prevent the impacts of climate change, based on a report SNV compiled for the region.

Dairy farming in Uganda


We extracted the key insights from the report which we used to craft the plot of our video. Then we experimented with various animation styles before choosing the one that best fit the client and target audience. All scenes and objects depicted were hand drawn and animated frame by frame.


We were approached by ARC to create an infographic to explain to the Ministers of environment of African states what the benefit of this insurance product is. We took the infographic and teamed up with Holy Cow to produce an animated version.

ARC Drought Insurance


The client provided us with a very basic flow of the design process that needed to be conveyed. We improved on this by changing the layout, summarising the information and incorporating more visual elements to make the design more attractive and easier to understand. Lastly, we created a printable version in the form of a flyer which folds out to reveal the full infographic.

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