Dream with Eyes Open

Who doesn’t love a good story?

Most people, if they’re lucky, may remember the extended negotiations with their parents that revolved around the institution known as ‘sleepy time’. Tantrums and tears associated with the deplorable need to go to bed and, by extension, the FOMO on whatever the adults were up to when we closed our eyes, were satiated with the promise of a good, juicy story.

Looking back, I often wonder if I would even have found my way into graphic design if it weren’t for those lulling tales. Because, of course, the best part of any bedtime story is, forever and always, the pictures. The vibrant colours and magical realities were made to fascinate and enchant our senses as children, and I loved how it opened up new worlds in my imagination.

As an adult, I don’t think much has changed, save for the fact that I try to dream with my eyes open these days. We owe so much to our imaginative faculties to envision better lives for ourselves and others. If you can’t see the future you want in your mind first, what hope do we have of making it a reality?

So this is the future that I see, my personal bedtime story for the world:

We find a way to use technology and design-thinking to restore our planet. We learn to live alongside it in peace and we mature as a species.