02 - Seraj Toefy: It's time to start investing in ideas

August 6th 2018

Seraj Toefy is the MD at Bespoke Media and has been publisher of some of the leading lifestyle brands in South Africa that include Men’s Health, Women’s Health, and Sports Illustrated.

His eye for content creation has seen him transition seamlessly into the digital space where he and his team now offer a full range of content creation services.

Seraj also lectures Entrepreneurship at the University of Stellenbosch Business School where he inspires the budding entrepreneurs of tomorrow. We know you’ll enjoy this one.

Show notes:

Why we need our children to fill their creative tanks. (06:35 – 06:50)

Learning from failures (23:00 – 24:25)

Being an evangelist for entrepreneurship (31:00 – 32:00)

Why it’s time for South Africa to start investing in ideas (36:00 – 36:40)



Waldorf School & Steiner Education (02:00 – 03:00)

League of Friends of the Blind (04:00 – 05:00)

Upcoming Venture Capital Conference (40:00 – 41:15)

Guy Kawasaki (43:20 – 44:00)

University of Stellenbosch Business School (44:15 – 45:00)

Get in touch with Seraj:

W: http://www.bespokemedia.co.za/

E: seraj.toefy@bespokemedia.co.za

LinkedIn: Seraj Toefy

Instagram: @seraj_toefy