06 - Alex Peel: A closer look at consumption

August 13th 2018

In this episode, we are joined by Alex Peel, owner of Organic Route in Hout Bay. Alex is a font of knowledge when it comes to the benefits of an organic food-based diet.

Organic Route emphasizes the critical need for a new approach to food production that results in a healthier consumer, promotes a sustainable environment, and still tastes delicious.

Show notes:

Treatment of animals (14:20 – 14:55)

Helping small business (24:30 – 25:00)

Taking pride in your work (26:40 – 28:00)

Benefits of a 100% organic diet (31:15 – 31:45)


Wild Organics (06:00 – 06:45)

Miller’s Thumb (25:30 – 26:17)

Nude Foods (33:50 – 34:30)

Alex is a bundle of energy. She tells us about her journey from a budding social worker to successful small shop owner, and everything in between. We hope you enjoy!

Get in touch with Alex:

W: http://organicroute.co.za/

E: alex@organicroute.co.za 

FB: Alex Peel

Instagram: @organicroute_ct