11 - Alex Hetherington: There's no Planet B

September 17th 2018

Today we are joined by Alex Hetherington, founder of the Third Line group. Alex is one of the top sustainability experts in South Africa and a leading consultant to some of it’s biggest companies.

Alex began his professional life as an investigative journalist where he was always drawn to issues around environmental sustainability.

Realizing that his path would eventually lead away from broadsheet journalism, Alex enrolled himself at the Imperial College in London where he qualified with a Masters in Environmental Management and Climate Change.

Show notes:

Start of Environmental career (07:25 – 08:00)

New career (24:00 – 25:00)

SA business and the environment (32:30 – 34:50)

Predicting the drought (35:00 – 37:00)

Role of Politics (41:45 – 42:30)


Nick Chevallier (20:00 – 20:45)

An Inconvenient Truth (27:30 – 28:00)

Since 2004 he has been immersed in the environmental sustainability space where he has carved out a reputation as a leading consultant.

We pick his brain about climate change, the future we face as a nation, as well the crucial role that the younger generation will have to play in helping enact sustainable change.

Get in touch with Alex:

W: https://www.thirdlinegroup.com/

E: alex@thirdlinegroup.com

LinkedIn: Alex Hetherington