12 - Gina Flash: Living your purpose courageously

September 24th 2018

In this episode, we are joined by Gina Flash, founder of MENSCH, a network of Jewish change-makers based in Cape Town.

Gina is a qualified graphic designer but that was never her true calling.

Her path to social development took her to, amongst other places, a monastery in Northern Thailand where she explored spirituality and consciousness to a level few foreigners have ever embraced.

Cape Town soon came calling and in 2014 she founded MENSCH.

Show notes:

Maternal influence (09:30 – 10:50)

Early social conscience (20:20 – 22:30)

Thailand monastery experience (26:00 – 31:00)

Definition of Mensch (39:30 – 40:40)

Being fulfilled in South Africa (51:30 – 53:30)

Meditation and mindfulness (56:20 – 57:05)


Blood Foundation (26:00 – 26:20)

Monk for a Month (26:20 – 27:00)

MENSCH brings together Jewish people working and volunteering in social development, social entrepreneurship, education, and academia for the benefit of communities outside of their own.

It was clear during our conversation how purpose-driven Gina is. Ingrained in her is the drive to help others and empower those less fortunate for the betterment of society as a whole.

Get in touch with Gina:

W: https://mensch.org.za/

E: gina@mensch.org.za 

FB: Gina Flash