13 - Nic Heinamann: Let's talk regeneration

October 1st 2018

Entrepreneur, activist, and film maker Nic Heinamann joins us in the Seedpod today.

Nic is the founder and principal Director of the Afristar Foundation – an NGO that uses permaculture as a guiding methodology to engage in sustainable development initiatives.

Nic is also an advocate for the medicinal and industrial use of Marijuana.

He has championed the Hemp cause at local and National level.

Show notes:

First experience with hemp (08:00 – 09:30)

Turning points (18:45 – 20:10)

Travel experiences (27:00 – 32:30)

Low point (40:15 – 42:30)

Hemp lobbying (45:00 – 48:30)

History of hemp (57:00 – 1:03:45)


Emperor wears no clothes (44:00 – 45:00)

Rustler’s Valley (48:30 – 50:30)

Cannabis: The people’s plant (55:45 – 57:00)

Hemp for Victory (1:02:45 – 1:03:10)

Let’s talk regeneration Web Discussion series (1:13:30 – 1:14:30)

In truth there are many advantages to Marijuana and hemp use.

Nic goes into forensic detail on these advantages throughout our conversation and provides us with an insight into this issue that few people are able to offer.

Enjoy the conversation.

Get in touch with Nic:

W: http://afristarfoundation.org/

E: nic@afristar.org.za

LinkedIn: Nicholas Heinamann