14 - Donna McCallum: Spreading your financial wings

October 10th 2018

In many ways, our guest today is one of the most unconventional wealth management experts in the country.

As South Africa’s Fairy Godmother, Donna McCallum educates people on how to relate to, manage and build wealth around the world.

She helps people break down barriers and build futures filled with hope and abundance.

Her path to becoming the Fairy Godmother started on a bus ride in Argentina 13 years ago but her story is more complex than that and far from linear.

Show notes:

Burnout (09:50 – 11:00)

Internet gold rush in San Francisco (14:15 – 18:25)

Failure (22:30 – 25:25)

Success with iKineo (27:00 – 30:30)

Birth of the Fairy Godmother (35:40 – 40:00)

Following your bliss (44:20 – 46:00)

Combating doubt (57:30 – 58:30)

Financial Freedom (1:05:00 – 1:08:05)


UCT Radio (03:45 – 04:00)

iKineo (30:00 – 33:20)

Follow your bliss (44:45 – 45:00)

The Peace Agency (1:15:45 – 1:16:05)

Donna was an aspiring actress, a property owner at 16, and a business owner at 19.

She was at the hub of internet gold rush in San Francisco, and started several businesses before her epiphany in Argentina.

As you will soon hear, Donna has an infectious charm and energy about her. She inspired me throughout the conversation and i know she will inspire you too.