16 - Warren Goodman: Live well, travel wide

October 22nd 2018

Today I am joined by Warren Goodman, owner and founder of Wazoogles Superfood. Wazoogles is a 100% plant-based superfood protein blend.

Warren is a passionate surfer, chef, traveller and yogi. His travel experiences have grounded him and inspired him to live the nomadic lifestyle he does today.

In his twenties, Warren suffered with a low immune system and was always getting sick. After eventually going to get tested by GPs and ENTs and when western medicine couldn’t give him any real answers, Warren turned to a holistic approach and healed himself through conscious eating and living.

Show notes:

Escaping death, twice (1:30 – 09:00)

Swimming against the tide (14:30 – 17:30)

Joining the family business (19:30 – 22:00)

Start of Wazoogles (22:30 – 30:00)

Dark moments (39:00 – 41:30)

Importance of community (42:30 – 44:30)

Nomadic lifestyle (47:45 – 50:00)

Power of dreams (1:02:00 – 1:04:00)


NatEXPO (38:00 – 38:30)

That opened up a new world for him and soon after Wazoogles Superfood was born.

Warren has always been determined and headstrong and believes in stepping out of your comfort zone.

He made the tough decision to leave a successful family business to begin this new venture and the company has grown from strength to strength. Enjoy the conversation.

Get in touch with Warren:

W: https://wazoogles.com/

E: warren@wazoogles.com 

FB: Wazoogles 

Instagram: @wazoogles