18 - Fred Roed: Never trust a skinny chef

November 5th 2018

Today I am joined by Fred Roed, founder of World Wide creative and now Heavy Chef.

Fred Roed has been through the proverbial entrepreneurial ringer. Bankrupt, and with over a million Rand in debt at age 27, we hear the story of how he balanced and reframed “failure” to now head up “Heavy Chef”, a platform that connects people through learning experiences. Heavy Chef’s objective is to inspire people to start things, and then empower them to succeed. This hugely inspiring chat reminds us that as pioneers we need to retain a healthy perspective on failure, and to cherish the journeyman inside us all.

According to Fred Roed, in entrepreneurship, three things separate success and failure: 1. Information 2. Money 3. Community. In this weeks’ podcast find out how his organization, Heavy Chef, engenders a sense of community, and empowers entrepreneurs to close the gaps between success and failure.

Get in touch with Fred:

W: https://www.heavychef.com

E: fred@heavychef.com

FB: https://www.facebook.com/heavychef/