Glen Jordan: Understanding money to work with money

November 19th 2018

If you’ve got a “can do” attitude, you can do it. These are the wise words of Glen Jordan, Director of IMB – a financial services firm set on empowering people to learn how to work with money. But this podcast is not just about money and tech, it’s about embracing our roots, and the challenges that refine us. It’s about unveiling toxic masculinity, and about being both vulnerable and thick skinned at the same time. It’s about persisting when you have nothing to your name, and learning how to maximize what little you have. Glen knows he is where he is today because of the people he’s surrounded himself with.

“That’s the tragic thing that we miss in this country is that we don’t look at merit, we judge everything else first. So, the colour of the skin is the primary judgment factor, and now even if you look at it, if you look at what’s happening politically, it’s just this constant mismatch of skills – I mean we’ve got people making decisions… I remember seeing the board of Eskom… there wasn’t one electrical engineer.”


“Don’t bring me another social media platform, bring me something that changes lives.” Michael Jordaan

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