21 - Paul Hudson: Showing up

November 126th 2018

Paul Hudson is an entrepreneur, father, musician, pilot, and creative leader, and not all in that order. He’s dedicated to embracing the heart of vulnerability in all aspects of his life, and inspired by youth who actively practice the mantra “be the change you wish to see.” We chat about staying present, challenging the assumptions we make, building a personal mindfulness toolkit, and things you learn when flying in storms (literally.)

In business and in his personal life, Paul Hudson advocates for showing up how you want to show up. Part of being 100% authentic in the world requires carving out time for yourself, and in so doing, really getting to know yourself; both dark and light. We can choose to take the mask off or to keep it on.

“I’ve come to a place of knowing that what I need I will be able to find within myself. And if not, I can find support”

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W: www.settdigital.co.za