23 - Warren and Tom: Walk with Us

December 10th 2018

Two young pioneering Mzungu’s and best friends, Tom David and Warren Handley, after summiting Kilimanjaro, undertook to walk home to South Africa. They survived on a mere $2USD a day, and the inherent kindness of strangers. Why on earth? To raise awareness about the frightening statistics of orphaned and vulnerable children in South Africa, and to raise funds for early childhood development. Those 6000 km took them six months. Six arduous months of illness, hunger, sore feet, exhaustion. They learnt that big plans fall away when you’re surviving day by day, and that walking is a slow way of getting somewhere, yet putting one foot in front of the other still means you’re moving forward.

“One interaction would lead to another one. And it came from having nothing, so little. And by exposing ourselves to that vulnerability we were able to expose ourselves to the kindness – the genuine inherent kindness of people. People are inherently kind. And if we had traveled with our privileges we probably would have closed ourselves off from a lot of those interactions”

They raised money for: aluwani.org
Their journey was inspired by Thabang Skwambane of The Lonely Road Challenge.
Book: Walk With Us by Tom David and Warren Handley