28 - Verity Price: Crowdfunding Courage

February 11th 2019

You have the passion, you have the dream, and you have the ability. What’s stopping you? Fear, reckons Verity Price, fear of the unknown, fear of discomfort, fear of failure. Verity Price joins Seedpod to share her journey through fear and how it led her to and beyond her dreams. Her courage to battle self-doubt and discomfort in the public eye drive her to pursue ideas that were deemed crazy. She became amongst the first people to crowdfund online, for an album that had not been recorded yet, a risk that certainly paid off! Now Price now continues to reach new heights as a musician, an active environmentalist, and motivational speaker and facilitator, encouraging creative and innovative thinking within businesses and the individual.

Verity Price doesn’t take the safe route, rather, she veers off onto the road less travelled and encourages us to do the same. In an honest, open, and inspiring conversation, Price shares how taking ownership of her fears and discomfits gave her the courage to achieve her wildest dreams and come out on top.