27 - Nik Rabinowitz: Wandering, Wondering Jew

February 4th 2019

What does a Jewish kid with a business science degree do with his life? Nik Rabinowitz defied his destiny and instead of a suit, decided that red fake snakeskin pants were more his thing. His “shy kid” childhood birthed the observer, and then the performer in him. Many brave and brazen moments leading up to his first gig included cold calling for an acting job, digging long-drops around Africa for a theatre troupe (whilst cooking the books on the side), and jumping out from under tables in the bizarre phenomenon that is corporate theatre. The man is very, very funny, and very enthusiastic about it.

For Nik Rabinowitz, every encounter holds potential for great material. He chats about life as a performer, life as a family man, domesticity (the great passion killer), life as a Waldorfian, being an imposter, and all the bits in between.

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