29 - Justin Maxwell: A Passion and Party for Change

February 18th 2019

In today’s world we are flooded with information, opinions, confusion, and isolation. We often think we have no choice but to join the rat race and feed into the system, a system which we do not think to question. Justin Maxwell, like many of us, grew disillusioned with this way of living and decided to make this change. Together with a group of like-minded creatives, Maxwell created a space where people could begin to express their ideas and visions for change. The space soon evolved into the vibrant and unique Muizenburg Festival. Maxwell gives a relatable account of how he addressed the ‘niggle’, as he calls it, inside us all, the ache for something different.

There is a yearning within all of us to create a society in which everyone has a voice. In this episode of Seedpod, we are joined by Justin Maxwell to unpack solutions to this question. We explore the importance of unifying our communities and question the structures that have become so entrenched in our society. The change starts with us. Are you brave enough to raise your voice?