30 - Andries Rautenbach: Circular ways of reconnecting

March 4th 2019

A revolution is needed on this planet we call Earth. Sure, we sit where we sit because of first world greed, or Big Corporates right? Andries Rautenbach, a seasoned engineer and coach, urges us to look to our own contribution: we all know we cannot carry on this way. Rautenbach believes we can turn the consumptive tide within both large and small businesses. He has a deep confidence in the skill sets and talent pool within South Africa, to join global hubs emerging around the world who are affecting change for our planet, in areas like circular economies. It’s about turning from linear thinking to promote mindful responsibility and accountability for the future of our world. We are the custodians of earth for our children after all.

As South Africans we are more than capable to affect change – within financial, ecological and social world systems. Andries Rautenbach comes from a technical engineering background and his passion is to create hubs around sustainability issues to affect change on a ‘real’ scale.