32 -Deon Robbertze: Crisis can change our world.

March 18th 2019

From commercials director to sustainability entrepreneur, Deon Robbertze is shaking up the closedmindedness of society towards climate change. He calls himself an Anglicised Dutchman. But his real passion is Africa – her people, her music, her many cultures. And to create a circular economy. It’s about opportunity – see the problem, find the solution and capitalise on it. There is hope! Jobs can be created while we clean up our mess.

A South African success story with a Cannes Lions and a few Loeries in his back pocket, Deon Robbertze spent years with agencies like Saatchi Africa and Ogilvy’s Zoom Advertising … this all came to a head when he was called an ‘alarmist’ regarding his views on climate change. That was the sign – time to change tack. He is now a sustainabilty spokesman /entrepreneur /disruptor and loving it.

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