48 - Rob Stokes: Saving the world

August 5th 2019

Rob stokes is the epitome of an entrepreneurial spirit, he just oozes it. He started off by founding Quirk, arguably South Africa’s most successful digital agency eventually selling to WPP in 2014. He is on the board of a multitude of businesses some of which he helped start and today spends most of his time at the Red and Yellow School of Business. Rob is passionate about developing, transforming and growing new and established businesses predominantly in the technology and education sectors.
I dont think I have ever spanned so many topics inside an hour of conversation, we touched on some big topics like saving the world, the importance of education, voting,  freedom of speech  and impending ecological collapse and some lighter topics like fishing, porches and family. Hold on to your seat and get ready for a ride, I loved this exchange and am sure you will to.