49 - Brad Shorkend & Andy Golding: Work shouldn't suck

August 13th 2019

In this weeks episode for the first time I had 2 guests, Brad Shorkend and Andy Golding who have written a book together called “We Are Still Human!… and work shouldn’t suck!”.

Brad is an agitator & thought provoker… he has summited 3 of the seven summits, and expeditioned to Everest Base camp. He is an architect, entrepreneur  and has been coaching, mentoring and facilitating leaders across all industries since 2007.

Andy is an employee experience specialist and co-founder of Still Human. She works with companies to craft and build cultures that are always innovation ready as well as designing employee experience to ensure that people are being switched on and grown.

Our conversation looked at what it takes to lead or shape an organisation in todays fast paced, changing world so that work doesn’t have to suck. For anyone who has ever wanted to write a book this episode is a must listen for some inside insight into the experience, the highs the lows and what its like to do it with someone else. There are lots of nuggets of wisdom in this one I am sure you will enjoy it.