52 - Aron Halevi: Gift of Hope

September 2nd 2019

Aron Halevi is a musician, songwriter, producer, and social innovator with a self proclaimed obsessive percussive disorder. He is also a father, husband, dreamer and hummus addict.

After Starting the highly successful Freshlyground in 2002, and an amazing seven year journey, spanning three albums, four SAMA awards, one MTV award, over 50 songs and 1000’s of performances later, he decided to pursue his own career as a composer and producer.  Besides enjoying his music, his hope is that his songs might touch you, move you, and possibly even inspire you to look within, to step up, and to dream big!

This podcast was a unique experience for me because I had the privilege of being an audience of 1 to some Arons music in the most spectacular setting. Our conversation traversed Aron’s career from life as a young person growing up in Cape Town to his success through Freshly ground and the tension that brought with it, recording an album in a jail cell with Larry Joe to today launching is solo album and much more. I left the conversation inspired and filled with hope and possibility. If you need a strong dose of hope this is a must listen.

Aron’s new album is available on Itunes – https://music.apple.com/za/album/rise/1354063932

And Spotify  – spotify:artist:7rglZJQQ6pqb4HjCGzvGxM

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/aronhalevi/