54 - Paddy Upton: The art of leadership

September 16th 2019

This week I have the pleasure of chatting to the barefoot coach aka Paddy Upton. He has been part of the coaching staff of the SA cricket team that reached World 1 ranking, he helped take the Inidian cricket team to a world cup win in 2011 and is Head Coach in four of the world’s premier T20 cricket tournaments. 

He is also a mental coach to professional athletes from multiple sporting disciplines, leadership coach to business executives and teams, a professional speaker, and was recently appointed as a Professor of Practice at Deakin University’s Business School in Australia. 

Beyond his accolades Paddy has pioneered a way of thinking about leadership and coaching  for many years that centres around honesty, vulnerability and collaboration.

We spoke about what real success looks like, what reaching full potential as a humans looks like, what the drivers are that help us to get there and how we can support our children in their pursuits. I feel so grateful for this opportunity and walked away much wiser for it.