55 - Christina Kaba: Change starts with you

September 23rd 2019

Christina Tenjiwe Kaba is proof that anything is possible. Better known to locals as Mama Kaba, she cares for her community and goes out of her way to prevent anyone from going to bed hungry. Her conquest for change originated in Lesotho, when she started using her land to grow vegetables to contribute to the nutritional needs of her community. Today, Mama Kaba has founded numerous communal gardens in various South African townships. She exceeded expectations when she rose to the top and became a CEO, despite having only completed formal education up till halfway through standard 2. For her greatness, vision and dedication she has received more than 20 prestigious awards and is acknowledged as one of South Africa’s top farmers.Mama Kana’s caring heart is motivated to uplift communities in need and she sparks positive change wherever she goes.

This is her story. Enjoy.

Facebook: Abalimi Bezekhaya Harvest of Hope
Instagram: @abalimi_bezekhaya