56 - Tracey Gilmore: Second Chances

September 30th 2019

From humble beginnings, Tracy Gilmore has created a powerful personal development ‘sisterhood’. It started when she and her partner convinced retailers to donate excess garments, and empowered unemployed single mothers by teaching them basic business skills. The reach of their influence has expanded greatly and they have equipped 1000’s of women with the knowledge and ability to create a bright future through a healing, supportive entrepreneurship training programme. Above all, the programme strives to restore the pride and self-worth of participants. By doing so, the women are empowered to help themselves and their families, and grow a successful, profitable business.

I was truly inspired by this conversation with a real innovative social entrepreneur. The clothing bank model ticks so many boxes and shows us all that there are opportunities and solutions to many of the problems we have in South Africa. It makes me feel proud to be a South African and gives me hope for our future when I see people working tirelessly and selflessly like Tracey and her team do. I hope you feel the same way.


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