57 - Emile Fourie: Making waste matter

October 8th 2019

This week’s guest, Emile Fourie, is focused on looking at waste differently.  Emile is the CEO & Co-Founder of Ywaste, a company that specialised in Food Waste Management by transforming wasted food into organic compost. Ywaste started as a small company that manufactured domestic-scale worm farms, but in just 8 years they transformed into a substantial operation that diverts more than 1 500 tons of food waste from landfills each year. Scarily, 90% of South Africa’s food waste ends up in landfills, and soon we’ll be running out of space. Emile is a visionary and believes he has a globally relevant solution to our food waste crisis. Through making compost he is not only reducing the food waste contribution to landfills, but also enables the replenishment of the earth. 

I feel like I went down another rabbit hole with this one or took another red pill. I learnt a lot from our conversation and walked away with a feeling that I need to do more by way of reducing my impact and a good measure of inspiration to do so.