59 - Sarah Farrell: Collective future

October 22nd 2019

Sarah Farrell, aka Sustainable Sarah, joins me this week to speak about her contribution to a more sustainable world.  She is really multitalented working as a writer, environmental communicator, climate justice activist, and musician with a conscious work ethic combined with creativity, passion and a drive for instilling positive change. 

She is both the founder and creative director of transparenCI, creative agency that specialises in sustainability communications and a founding member of the African Climate Alliance, a youth-centered climate justice affinity group. Sarah’s climate activism is centred around intersectional grassroots climate action that focuses on the youth. 

Her activism also flows further into her music, where she writes songs with the hope to prompt action towards environmental and social change. 

There are a lot of takeaways from this conversation. I enjoyed Sarah’s honesty and acknowledge her for her courage as well as her pragmatic approach to the issues that face us as a species providing simple first steps for those who are feeling lost and overwhelmed. For a genuine look down the rabbit hole, listen to this one…

Facebook: Sustainable Sarah (@sustainablesarahza)

LinkedIn: Sarah Robyn Farrell

Twitter: @SarahRobyn_ 

Instagram: @sustainablesarah