60 - Camille Olianti: Letting go

October 28th 2019

On the 18th of October 2019, this weeks guest Camille Olianti set off for Reunion Island where she challenged herself to run a 114km trail run with 6500m of altitude gain. The challenge was motivated by her love of  nature and running, as well as her passion to bring about change. Camille ran to raise funds for the South African Endurance Academy (ENDUROCAD) based in Stellenbosch which helps female athletes from underprivileged backgrounds get an education and develop their talent in athletics. 

Camille has deep care for helping people to succeed which comes through in her being the Winelands Ambassador for Future Females. 

Her care for the planet runs just as deep. Camille has a BSc in Earth & Environmental Sciences from the University of Geneva, Switzerland, and an Hons and MSc in Geology from the University of Cape Town, South Africa. She is involved in a number of water related projects here in Cape Town including the aquifer recharge project.

We spoke about some of Camille’s own struggles that she has had to overcome including an eating disorder, her absolute love for nature and of course the environment and climate change with particular focus on water. You wont leave this conversation without inspiration.Enjoy.

Facebook: Camille Olianti

Twitter: @CamilleOlianti

Instagram: @camilleolianti