61 - Mkhululi Silandela: How secure is our food?

November 4th 2019

Joining us for this week’s episode is Mkhululi Silandela,  Senior Manager for the Sustainable Agriculture & Smallholder-Support program at WWF-SA.  This podcast is part of a series in partnership with Foodnext.africa. FoodNext.Africa is a b2b food event where startups, food innovators, foodtech businesses, investors and partners who are redefining the food industry from farm-to-fork are able to connect.

Mkhululi launched his career in the food & beverages industry, and later worked as the regional manager for Fairtrade Africa before Before joining WWF in 2012. 

With a B.Sc. Honours in Agribusiness & international food-chain management from the Dronten University of Applied Sciences, The Netherlands; an MBA and a unique insight into African value chains and some of the most pressing local and global issues, it is evident that Mkhululi has a passion for food security and sustainability.

In this podcast Mkhululi talks about the program he’s involved with at WWF, which is working towards an inclusive regenerative agriculture & a food system which provides for people and gives back to nature. We also discussed the crises that we’re facing and the possible solutions to collectively overcome them. Mkhululi has such a depth of knowledge it was a privilege to site down with him, I hope you feel the same.

“We are not limited in terms of the solutions and communities, but I think we limit ourselves when we think individually.” – Mkhululi Silandela