66 - Nicola Jenkin: Where does your food come from?

January 21st 2020

Nicola Jenkin has 20 years of experience working in the sustainability field with a particular focus on adding value to the supply chain, sustainable food systems, food waste, alien vegetation and forestry, ocean plastic, packaging and green skills. She holds a MEd in Environmental Education (Rhodes University); BSc (Hons) in Environmental & Geographical Science (University of Cape Town); and a BA in Geography and Anthropology (Rhodes University).

She is the founder of Pinpoint, which provides independent and advisory services. Nicola is a member of the UN’s One Planet Network’s Sustainable Food System’s Multi-Actor Committee and is currently advising the Consumer Goods Council of SA, and the Department of Trade & Industry, in the development of a Food Waste Voluntary Agreement for South Africa.

This was one of the most honest and refreshing conversations I have had on this podcast so far. We acknowledged that we are all in this together, we are all in the same situation and are constantly living a life of contradiction between wanting to live a life that is healthier for ourselves and the planet and the consumerist based rat race that most of us are part of. I loved Nicola’s unique perspective on working to solve many of the problems we face and drew a lot of inspiration from her wealth of knowledge.