68 - Thomas Brennan: Lets be Franc

February 3rd 2020

This week I sit down with Franc co founder Thomas Brennan who is a Rhodes scholarship recipient, ex Google employee, MIT researcher and ex Discovery Health technology and innovation team leader with a passion for the health sector and finance. Once he realised that the financial products currently offered to the general market weren’t as good as it could be and excludes much of the population he sought about finding a solution. After taking the leap from the comforts of a pay-check he founded Franc and is on a mission to bring financial instruments to the lower end of our population.

We spoke about capitalism, our current money systems, inequality and a number of fascinating topics which I know you will enjoy. Thomas is a very bright mind with a passion for solving some of the worlds large issues and is rolling up his sleeves, getting his hands dirty and trying to help educate and enable the mass population around investing their money.

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