69 - Carmen Stevens: Anything is possible

February 10th 2020

This week’s guest Carmen Stevens is an award-winning winemaker selling her own brand of wines on the international stage. She is the first post apartheid Black female wine maker and her story is an incredible one. Growing up on the cape flats experiencing the effects of gangsterism and drug first hand she was determined to live a different life but becoming a winemaker in an all white, all male Apartheid South African industry brought a whole new set of challenges. She now has a foundation that feeds over 5000 children every year and has just opened her own winery.

I was blown away by Carmen’s courage and determination in the face of the challenges that she faced. This is a story that you have to listen to. It’s raw, honest and bloody inspiring. Carmens story illustrates our transition as a country out of Apartheid into the modern world and show me just what is possible for us all. Enjoy.