74 - Bas Timmer: Seeing the unseen

February 15th 2020

This first guest from Design Indaba has done just that, he is looking at the people who live on the fringe of society on the streets and how he can help them using the skills that he has. Bas Timmer is an Dutch independent clothing designer who created the shelter suit after a father of a close friend died from hypothermia after finding himself on the streets. The shelter suit aims to protect the homeless from the elements by providing them warmth, protection from the wind, cold and rain using recycled materials from top outdoor gear manufacturers. Bas and his shelter suits are growing from strength to strength, already having made 10000 of them, he is an inspiration to all of us and to me a true social entrepreneur.

This podcast is shorter than my usual ones as I had time restraints at Indaba with each speaker needing to do many interviews. People like Bas give me a sense of hope in the future of our world, enjoy the conversation.