79 - Jon Duncan: Shared Value

April 28th 2020

Earlier this year I had the privilege of chatting to Jon Duncan, head of Responsible Investment at Old Mutual. An engineer by training, with a Master’s degree in Environmental Science, Jon has over 20 years of professional experience in the field of sustainability research and engagement. He has worked extensively throughout Africa across a range of sectors supporting organisations with strategic social, environmental and sustainability related issues.

Jon now leads the Responsible Investment Programme at Old Mutual. The Programme is focused on driving the systematic integration of material environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) issues across the management Old Mutual Group. Jon also heads up the Sustainability Research and Engagement function at the Group’s South African-based asset manager, Old Mutual Investment Group, where he is involved in industry ESG research, the analysis of green growth opportunities, and engagement on regulatory issues and local industry initiatives.

I found this conversation truly engaging giving me the opportunity to explore some of the systematic questions I have had on my mind – like how do we shift the financial industry towards a more sustainable outlook as a key driver for the change we need in our monetary systems and the way profits are derived. I really appreciate the depth of thought and knowledge that Jon brought to this stimulating conversation.

LinkedIn: Jon Duncan