81 - Gift Lubele: What it means to be human

May 12th 2020

Its been quite a long time since this conversation was recorded and the world has changed significantly but I feel its even more relevant today where we are busy evaluating the world we want to see post Covid.

Gift Lubele is the co-founder of Kudoti – South Africa’s first data and analytics recycling platform that increase efficiency and reduce costs in food, general and other waste operations. Kudoti was named one of the 25 Most Innovative Companies by Fast Company SA. He is one of the 2019 top 20 under 30 entrepreneurs by Fast company and currently works as a research engineer at Internet Solutions. At 22 years of age, Gift has received some prestigious awards from the President of Mauritius and the United Nations in Bangkok, for more information visit www.giftlubele.com

I was really impressed by Gift. For a young man aged 22 with a very unique perspective, born from his humble beginnings,  and a very sharp mind he has such a clear sense of purpose that I could not help but be inspired and uplifted by this conversation. We spoke about many things chiefly sustainability and recycling but through the lens of equality and the unique South African context as well as technology, AI and what it essentially means to be human.  I had so much fun chatting to this amazing young man, enjoy the conversation.