83 - Nicki Russell: Big heart, big impact

May 25th 2020

Last year as part of the Foodnext series I had the privilege of chatting to Nicki Russel, head of Innovation at Pick n Pay.

Nicki is a passionate foodie and product developer demonstrating a 20 year history of working across multiple categories in food retail. She is skilled in trend analysis, creating and landing new concepts and inspiring teams and suppliers to push product boundaries. Her world is “all about the product,” and the customer experience is key to ongoing growth.

We had a great conversation focused on innovation in the retail space from supporting, growing and encouraging local small businesses to plastics, waste and food waste and how a large retailer like pick n Pay is pushing the envelope towards sustainability in South Africa. Its great to know that a large company like Pick n Pay still has a big heart and a willingness to change for the better for us all. Enjoy the conversation.