85 - Pavitray Pillay: Active Awareness

June 9th 2020

This weeks guest, Pavitray Pillay, is the manager of the WWF (SASSI) program or  Southern African Sustainable Seafood Initiative. She has been involved in consumer awareness, education, outreach and public engagement on sustainable seafood and marine conservation for the last 5 years. Coming from humble beginnings and a background in marine biology Pavs brings both passion and deep knowledge to the work she does. She is now heading up behaviour change at WWF using the experienced gained through the SASSI program combined with behaviour science to bring a new edge to the campaigns WWF are running aimed at driving real change.

We went into detail on the mechanics of the SASSI program, whats working, where the challenges are where the biggest successes have been. We also had a fascinating discussion on behaviour change, how its been used commercially and medically and now how these tools can be used around environmental, climate related issues and plastics consumption here in South Africa. I really found this a stimulating and thought provoking conversation, enjoy.

Linked In: https://www.linkedin.com/in/pavs-pavitray-pillay-41a3b3a/