87 - Rowan le Roux: Business for good

June 23rd 2020

As part of my Food.next  conference series I had the privilege to interview  Rowan le Roux, who has been involved in sustainable activities for over 15 years from ecological economic research, to environmental finance to being sustainability manager within a large plastic manufacturer. Rowan believes, wholeheartedly, in business as a force for good and in the role that purpose driven businesses can play in restoring environmental and community systems in South Africa. Rowan is currently Operations Director at the Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship South Africa where changing business for good is their business

I learnt a hell of a lot in this conversation. Rowan is a powerhouse with such a depth of knowledge around the various aspects of how plastics are produced, used, recycled and has some fascinating thoughts on the situation we find ourselves in environmentally and economically and how we might move forward. We discussed everything from the gig economy, social entrepreneurship to circular economy and climate change. This is a must listen episode with many seeds for thought.