89 - Ian Doimmisse: To Ecobrick or not

July 7th 2020

This week for plastic free July I chat to eco pioneer Ian Dommisse who is an architect with a passion for alternative, environmentally friendly construction methods. In 2013 he founded The EcoBrick Exchange (EBE), a recycling non-profit, which aims to use upcycled plastic waste as a building material. Ian now also focuses on landscaping projects, education and training as his way of making a difference.

We chatted about many of the myths around Ecobricks and how they can best be used to divert waste from landfill and microplastics from the ocean. Going into the conversation I was speculative about the use of Ecobricks but after understanding their place in the eco system I am totally convinced they can play an important role in tackling our plastic problem. Thanks Ian for your dedication and vision.

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