94 - Maryke Musson: Remember to care

August 19th 2020

My guest for this week, Maryke Musson grew up with the ambition of being a dolphin. When that didnt work out, she managed to obtain science degrees in various fields including marine biology, medical physiology, fisheries science, psychology and neurology. She has worked in the marine science field for the past 25 years, from aquariology, to research to sustainable production and governance, and has presented at many conferences locally and internationally.

Her focus is on making a difference, every day, through marine conservation, awareness, research, education and sharing inspiring ocean stories. She is currently the CEO of the Two Oceans Aquarium Education Foundation, a Public Benefit and Non-Profit Organisation with a variety of environmental education and outreach programmes and a very successful sea turtle rescue, rehabilitation and release programme.

My biggest take away from this conversation was Maryke’s overwhelming positivity, even in the face of suffering and devastation. She shared some incredible stories with me about some of the animals she has helped save and rewild. I left with a deeper connection and understanding of what the lives of, in this case marine conservationists, and all conservationists must be like. We need these brave souls to remind us of our humanity and role as custodians of this earth, I thank and salute all of you!

Linktree: https://linktr.ee/aquariumfoundation