97 - Misha Teasdale: Moving the needle

September 24th 2020

Misha Teasdale needs little introduction. As the self proclaimed Tree-E-O of Greenpop South Africa, a tree planting land restoration organization, he aims to not only facilitate the healing of our planet but ourselves as well. Misha has a B-Tech in Sustainable Industrial Design, and before he started Greenpop, he went on a journey from Cape Town to London, profiling NGO’s and CBO’s across the continent to attract CSI funding and encourage knowledge sharing and grassroots volunteering. This experience changed his life, altering his thinking and planted the seeds that have become the Greenpop we see today.

September is Arbour month, its not something many of us know or celebrate anymore, and so this conversation comes at the right time. Misha for me represents the innovative, powerful energy of the social entrepreneurs and eco warriors pushing every day for the improvement of life on our planet. It was a privilege to share some thoughts with him and I have no doubt you will walk away richer from this conversation. Enjoy.